Holdem ABCpokerbot MTT profile

• Our Poker Bots profile play Cash Games, 6-9max

• No Limit supported

• Playing on many tables (up to 6)

• Playing TAG style

• Winrate 8BB/100 (distance over 100k hands)

• Positive result up to nl25 level

The ABC profile plays a solid, classic tight-aggressive style (also known as TAG) for No Limit Holdem. This means that it plays tight and folds most hands preflop. When it does play, it is usually the aggressor in the hand, raising to open and betting when given the chance. This gives it two ways to win. It can make a hand or the opponents can all fold to the bets. Most serious professional online players play a TAG style. It does, of course, back down when an opponent gets stubborn about sticking around when the bot does not have a strong hand.Some of our members who have run it for more than 100,000 hands have posted stats from Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager and they are classic TAG stats. This is simply not debatable because the stats don’t lie.

Also we have profile for MTT

• Our Poker Bots profile play MTT type of poker

• Bank control and level of blinds

• Playing TAG style